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Robot Safety

Development and Evaluation of Domain-Specific Languages for Correct and Safe Robot Behavior

Momina Rizwan

Robot software is a complex integration of large engineering systems, like planning, sensing, and actuation modules. The engineering integrity and functional safety of such a system are very important because the stakes are incredibly high. The decisions these autonomous robots make have real-world consequences. A small error in an autonomous vehicle’s navigation system could lead to a catastrophic accident.  Robot development tools should provide expressive programming languages and frameworks that allow human developers to describe correct robot behavior. Our research aims to use software technology tools to express domain-specific concepts of such robot development tools. Our research addresses the challenges of robotic programming and system integration. We strive to equip developers with tools that facilitate expressing safety protocols to dynamically monitor robot execution and enable automated error detection in robotic code, thereby contributing to the advancement of dependable and adaptable robotic systems.


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