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We are mostly interested in Autonomous and Intelligent Robotic Systems for manufacturing, as developed in the EU projects TAPAS, CARLOS, Stamina and Scalable 4.0, SME Robotics, SaraFun, and others.

All of our work is based on robot skills, including the necessary low- and high-level reasoning and sensing.

Cartesian Impedance Controller ROSCon 2022 Lightning Talk

Skill-based Reinforcement Learning with Behavior Trees - IEEE/RAS Seminar by Matthias Mayr

Skill-based Reinforcement Learning of Robot Tasks with Planning & Knowledge Integration - IEEE ROBIO

Learning Industrial Robot Tasks with User Priors - CASE 2022

Learning of Parameters in Behavior Trees for Movement Skills (IROS 2021)

Productive Multitasking for Industrial Robots (ICRA 2021)

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