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Center for Construction Robotics

Founded in 2018, the Center for Construction Robotics represents a multi-disciplinary effort with over 15 academic and industrial partners to automate construction using robotics, as a means:

  • to a safer, ergonomic and more equal workplace
  • for efficient resource utilization; automation in the entire value chain from digital design to maintenance
  • to support circularity in a sustainable life cycle

An important component that makes the center unique is the multidisciplinary robotics environment that has been formed at Lund University of Technology (LTH) over the last few years. The centre builds on decades of successful research and innovation at the LTH robotics lab. This expertise has been combined with the architectural and structural design expertise to form the centre for construction robotics, a collaboration which came from the realisation that developments in robotics and design tools makes it possible to use robots in environments that have previously been impossible for them due to unpredictability and variability, safety concerns, cost, and complexity. The centre has experience not only in the tools themselves, but also in the collaboration between professionals.

Our vision is a sustainable construction industry that has rationalized its use of natural resources and lowered its climate footprint. This transformation is facilitated by use of digitalisation and robotisation, where the former is an enabler for the introduction of robots into the construction industry on large scale in design, construction, maintenance, decommissioning and re-use throughout the life cycle. The center is associated with partners that cover the entirety of the construction value chain: material suppliers, architects, construction entrepreneurs, and robotics companies, as well as investors, developers, and real estate managers. For students we offer work in close collaboration with companies developing knowledge that are part of real current problems.

The center works experimentally with robotics solutions for construction. Robot prototypes are located at Lund University in the lab facilities of the Center for Construction Robotics. The center has brought research within construction robotics under a common framework in Lund. The partners in the initative of the center have all worked together in previous projects in a rather unique combination of soft and hard science disciplines; architecture, structural engineering, computer science, and automatic control. The Center for Construction Robotics has support from a solid industry network in southern Sweden covering most of a construction value chain; Cementa, FOJAB, Finja, AChoice, PEAB, LMK Invest together with the robotics company Cognibotics AB. Collaboration with Luleå University of Technology strengthens the Center of Construction Robotics with competencies in management and business.


  • "Innovative construction using flexible robots collaborating with humans", 2018-2020. Funded by Boverket 181006. Turnover 17 MSEK.
  • "Innovative Agile Construction for globally improved sustainability (ACon4.0)", 2018-2019. Funded by Vinnova 2018-03362 (Challenge-Driven Innovation step 1). Turnover 0.7 MSEK.
  • "Innovative Agile Construction for globally improved sustainability (ACon4.0)", 2019-2022. Funded by Vinnova 2019-04750 (Challenge-Driven Innovation step 2). Turnover 16 MSEK MSEK.
  • "Automated production in concrete construction", 2018-2019. Funded by SBUF 13610. Turnover 2 MSEK.
  • "Utmätnings- & utsättningsrobotar - Ökad precision och informationsåterkoppling", 2020-2022. Funded by SBUF 13967. Turnover 4 MSEK.
  • "Systemdemonstration av affärsmodell för flexibel produktion av enfamiljshus baserad på digitaliserad integrerad informationshantering, robotiserad byggplats produktion och kundmedverkan", 2021-2022. Funded by SmartBuilt Environment 2021-00334. Turnover 8 MSEK.
  • "Buster - the builder's best friend", 2022-2023. Funded by SBUF 14115. Turnover 2 MSEK.
  • Automated productivity measurements in construction projects", 2022-2025. Funded by SmartBuilt Environment 2022-00098. Turnover 5 MSEK.
  • "Practical implementation of robotised brick laying", 2022-2023. Funded by Formas 2022-00256. Turnover 0.6 MSEK.


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