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Ongoing and Past Research Projects

Ongoing PhD Theses

  1. Faseeh Ahmad: Towards the better understanding of Behavior Trees and Motion Generators (BTMG) for Robot Behaviors
  2. Alexander Dürr:
  3. Sebastiano Fregnan: 
  4. Marko Guberina: Hand-Arm Coordination Control for Robotic Interaction Tasks
  5. Ayesha Jena: Mixed Initiative Interaction in Human-Robot Collaboration
  6. Zheng Jia: Autonomous Force-Aware Swift Motion Control
  7. Simon Kristoffersson Lind: Situation Aware Perception for Safe Autonomous Robotics Systems
  8. Lara Laban: UAS@LU: Autonomous Flight
  9. Matthias Mayr:
  10. Johan Oxenstierna: Order-Picking Optimization as a Service
  11. Rohith Prem Maben:
  12. Momina Rizwan: Development and Evaluation of Domain-Specific Languages for Correct and Safe Robot Behavior
  13. Julian Salt Ducaju: Human-Robot Collaboration for Kinesthetic Teaching
  14. Peter Stoltenberg: Intelligent Trajectory Predictions at Sea Using Neural Ordinary Differential Equations
  15. Birgitta Wingqvist: Multi-Vehicle Simultaneous Localization, Mapping, and Tracking
  16. Hampus Åström: Autonomous Learning: Machine learning with synthetic data and goal-conditioned exploration
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